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  • 31 July at 06:57 from facebook

    Obtained by distillation of the flowers of the oil-bearing Rosa damascena Mill, Rosaceae rose water is a natural tonic. Soothes, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Rose water has anti-inflammatory pr

  • 5 July at 04:34 from facebook

    Българска роза - гр. Карлово

  • 17 May at 19:56 from facebook

    Let's have some fun!

  • 17 May at 19:52 from facebook

    's cover photo

  • 7 May at 06:05 from facebook

    Love your mom! Buy her a rose as a symbol of your love. Make her happy with a little gift from

  • 28 April at 05:19 from facebook

    Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate this week! Весели празници!

  • 19 April at 14:58 from facebook

    Happy Easter!

  • 2 April at 05:05 from facebook

    Good morning with a little bit of the bulgarian folklore!♥️Baeutiful and talented Mariya Dimitrova.

  • 28 March at 17:16 from facebook

    's cover photo


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