Roza Damaska  


  • 7 December at 05:23 from facebook

    What a nice surprise! I love it! Well done guys!

  • 14 November at 21:05 from facebook

    ROSE WATER PANNA COTTA WITH FRESH BERRIES INGREDIENTS PANNA COTTA • 3 tbsp powdered gelatine • 100 ml cold water or milk • 500 ml cream • 100 ml whole milk • 1 cup sugar &bull

  • 17 October at 05:01 from facebook

    Christmas is a just around the corner!

  • 1 July at 07:52 from facebook

    Bulgaria has been famed for its rose festival in the Rose Valley for centuries. The traditional festival has been held on the first Sunday of June since 1903 and attracts millions of visitors from all

  • 8 March at 06:22 from facebook

    Wish only happiness to all! THANK YOU very much for your support!

  • 7 March at 08:09 from facebook

    Did you know? Rose oil can be used as an antiseptic. This is the most fragrant and luxurious way to treat wounds; imagine treating wounds with Rose oil instead of those ordinary antisepti

  • 7 March at 07:53 from facebook

    Roza Damaska's cover photo

  • 30 July at 21:02 from facebook

    Roza Damaska

  • 29 July at 10:28 from facebook

    I liked Geneva's idea. I'm gonna try this cocktail :)

  • 5 March at 07:39 from facebook

    Enjoy the wonderful scent 🌹😍🌹


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